Avoid service interruptions when changing the primary email address for a personal or group computing account at IU

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Indiana University will be transitioning to a single email domain, iu.edu, between now and the end of 2025. For more about the transition, see One Mail. For actions you may need to take, see Prepare for One Mail at IU.

If you currently have a campus-specific email address set as your primary email address, UITS recommends changing it to your iu.edu address. You will receive all messages sent to any of your IU email addresses automatically, regardless of your primary address, until the deadlines listed in the One Mail timeline. However, your primary email address determines which email address you send mail from, and which email address is displayed in the IU Directory.

Whether or not it is set as your primary address, you already have an iu.edu address; for more, see Your IU email address.

Before changing your primary email address, you should take several precautionary steps to avoid potential problems with existing mailing list subscriptions, website logins, and access to services both inside and outside of IU, as described below.

Before changing the primary IU email address for your personal or group computing account


These instructions will help you avoid potential problems with IU services, but they cannot anticipate all the outside lists, websites, and services that might be associated with your old address, nor can they foresee any unusual or complex configurations you might have with IU systems (for example, if you have already used multiple email domains with any IU services).

Before you begin, investigate and note any atypical configurations you might have used; this will help you as you proceed, and can help the UITS Support Center or other support consultants troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Furthermore, although this information is intended primarily for owners of personal (that is, individual) computing accounts, if you are the owner of a group (for example, departmental or student organization) computing account that's changing its primary IU email address, you should check the items associated with that account.

Verify your account's existing email addresses

In most cases, personal email addresses for which you are eligible will be created automatically, based on data from the Office of the Registrar (students), the Office of Academic Affairs (faculty), or IU Human Resources (staff).

To verify your account's existing email addresses:

You'll see all email addresses currently associated with your account.

You will see further links to manage your email account. Do not change your primary address at this time.

Verify your IU List password and subscriptions

Verify the IU List password and subscriptions for your personal or group account by logging into the service using the local login option. If you do not have a separate IU List login for your personal or group account, create one; see Set, change, or reset your IU List password. You'll need your IU List password to update your email address with the IU List system after you change your address.

For more, see After changing your IU email address, update IU List mailing lists that you subscribe to or sponsor.

Remove your IU email profile from your smartphone or handheld device

Some people have experienced problems with their smartphones and handheld devices after changing their primary IU addresses. For best results, remove your IU email profile from your device before changing your primary IU email address, and then, after the change is complete, create a new profile.

Change the primary IU email address for your personal or group account

Set your account's new email address as its primary IU email address. For instructions, see Change your primary email address.

After changing your account's primary IU email address, you may need to wait up to 24 hours for the change to propagate to all systems. Clients or systems that rely on your account's email address may behave unreliably during this period. If you have questions or problems, contact your campus Support Center.

After changing your personal or group account's primary IU email address

Update your account's email address on IU List

Change your account's address on IU List using the instructions at After changing your IU email address, update IU List mailing lists that you subscribe to or sponsor.

While it is possible to complete these steps before changing your primary email, you should do so afterwards with the steps linked above, particularly if your account is subscribed to any mailing lists that restrict posting to members of the list. This is so that you do not temporarily lose the ability to email lists with these types of restrictions.

For similar reasons, you may wish to wait until you are certain your account's new primary IU email address has propagated through the system before changing it in IU List.

Update email clients

You may need to update some email clients (including Outlook for Mac, Mac Mail, and Thunderbird) with your account's new primary IU email address. For directions on configuring various mail clients, see Configure your mail client for Exchange Online. While some email clients may continue to function without the configuration being updated, they will not automatically update your sending address; an exception to this is Outlook for Windows, which should automatically update your sending address. Whichever client you use, you may also need to edit some existing rules (or create new ones) for handling incoming messages.

Update subscriptions to external lists

If your personal or group account is subscribed to any external (non-IU) lists, you may not be able to post to those lists until you have updated them with the appropriate contact information. This process will be different for every external entity, and you will need to determine this process separately for each one. Your account should still be able to receive mail from these lists, but they most likely won't accept posts from your account's new email address until you update the contact information or re-subscribe.

Check JIRA permissions

If you manage issues in IU Enterprise JIRA, your JIRA account permissions may be affected by the email change. If you encounter problems, email the JIRA/Confluence mail queue at jcu@iu.edu, requesting that your permissions be updated.

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