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Contact Center services

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The Contact Centers at Indiana University provide general campus information via phone and email. Information and services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These centers also maintain the campus directories.

Services offered by the Contact Centers at IU Bloomington (812-855-4848) and IU Indianapolis (317-274-5555) include:

  • Academic calendar information
  • Area codes
  • AskIU
  • Building addresses
  • Building code explanations
  • Department telephone numbers
  • Dialing instructions
  • Directions (for example, to a building or to campus)
  • Directory assistance
  • Email addresses
  • Emergency response services
  • Events information (for example, athletic events, entertainment, or upcoming functions)
  • General information
  • International, country, and city codes
  • Telephone numbers of faculty and staff
  • Web addresses

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