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You can accomplish a number of tasks in IU List by emailing commands to the administrative address for a given mailing list, which will be in the form of; see below.

  • When sending a single command, put it in the subject line of the message, and leave the body blank.

  • When sending multiple commands in a single email message:

    • Leave the subject line blank and put all the commands in the email body.
    • Put every command on a new line.
    • Send your message in plain text, not in HTML (no formatting).
    • Don't include anything in the body other than IU List commands; do not include a signature block.

To request a list of IU List commands for a specific campus, email the administrative address with help in the subject line or body of the message. You'll receive a reply that includes the list of commands below.

For the commands below, replace words in brackets with the appropriate values; for example, [list] with the name of your list, or [email] with an email address. Any command with options [list]|* indicates you may use either a specific list name or a *, indicating all lists at a given campus domain, for the command.

Administrative addresses for each campus

Send commands to the command address for the campus that hosts the list(s) in question (not necessarily your home campus).

Campus IU List server Command address Subscription address
IU Bloomington
IU East
IU Kokomo
IU Northwest
IU South Bend
IU Southeast

Commands for everyone

This help file
INFO [list]
Information about a list
Directory of lists managed on this node
REView [list]
Displays the subscribers to [list]
Displays which lists you are subscribed to
SUBscribe [list] [name]
To subscribe or to confirm a subscription to [list]; [name] is optional (including it will list your name, as well as your email address, for those with permission to view the list of subscribers)
UNSubscribe [list] [email]
To quit [list]. [Email] is an optional email address, useful if different from your "From:" address.
UNSubscribe * [email]
To quit all lists
SIGnoff [list email]
To quit [list]. [Email] is an optional email address, useful if different from your "From:" address.
SIGnoff * [email]
To quit all lists
SET [list]|* NOMAIL
To suspend the message reception for [list]
SET [list]|* DIGEST
Message reception in compilation mode
Message reception in compilation mode, sent as a plain text email with all attachments
SET [list]|* SUMMARY
Receiving the message index only
SET [list]|* NOTICE
Receiving message subject only
SET [list]|* MAIL
[List] reception in normal mode
SET [list]|* CONCEAL
To become unlisted (hidden subscriber address)
To make your address visible via REView
INDex [list]
[List] archive file list
GET [list] [file]
To get [file] of [list] archive
LAST [list]
Used to receive the last message from [list]
INVITE [list] [email]
Invite [email] for subscription to [list]
Confirmation for sending a message (depending on the list configuration)
Indicates the end of the commands (to ignore a signature)

Commands for list owners and moderators

ADD [list] [user@host] [Full name]
To add a user to a list
DEL [list] [user@host]
To delete a user from a list
STATS [list]
To consult the statistics for [list]
REMIND [list]
Send a reminder message to each subscriber.
DISTribute [list] [key]
Moderation: to validate a message
REJect [list] [key]
Moderation: to reject a message
Moderation: to view the list of messages to moderate

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