Suspend delivery for an IU List mailing list

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You may want to suspend delivery to your address, if, for example, you are going on vacation or will otherwise be away from email. You can use either email commands or the web interface for the relevant campus.

If you want to suspend delivery from all lists at a given campus at once, you may find it easier to use email commands; the web interface will only allow you to set options for one list at a time.

If you're subscribed to lists on multiple campus domains (including, you'll need to suspend delivery separately for each campus's lists.

Use email commands

To suspend delivery, send an email message to the administrative address for the campus that hosts the list (not the main list address). The administrative address will be in the form of (For example, to suspend delivery for lists associated with the IUPUI domain, send email to

  • When sending a single command, put it in the subject line of the message, and leave the body blank.

  • When sending multiple commands in a single email message:

    • Leave the subject line blank and put all the commands in the email body.
    • Put every command on a new line.
    • Send your message in plain text, not in HTML (no formatting).
    • Don't include anything in the body other than IU List commands; do not include a signature block.

To suspend delivery for all lists at the given campus:


To suspend delivery for one or more specific lists (replace [listname] with the name of the list):

SET [listname] NOMAIL

To resume delivery, send a message with SET * MAIL or SET [listname] MAIL, as applicable.

Use the web interface

  1. Log into the campus IU List website for your list:
    Campus IU List web interface
    IU Bloomington
    IU East
    IU Kokomo
    IU Northwest
    IU South Bend
    IU Southeast
  2. Select My lists, and choose the name of a list.

  3. Click Subscriber Options.
  4. At the bottom of the page, under "Suspend subscription options", set the options you want.

When you have suspended delivery to one or more lists, a Resume my subscriptions button will be visible; click this to undo delivery suspension.

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